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Innkeeper? Chapter 80 (spoilers for RoW)


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Ok, while reading Wit's story the explanation he gives on where he heard the story caught my attention. 



"There is an inn," he whispered, "that you cannot find on your own. You must stumble across it on a misty street, late at night, lost and uncertain in a strange city. "The door has a wheel on it, but the sign bears no name. If you find the place and wander inside, you'll meet a young man behind the bar. He has no name. He cannot tell it to you, should he want to—it's been taken from him. But he'll know you, as he knows everyone who enters the inn. He'll listen to everything you want to tell him—and you will want to talk to him. And if you ask him for a story, he'll share one. Like he shared with me. I will now share it with you. " ~ Wit Ch. 80 RoW

Coincidence? The description of the Innkeeper sounds like Kote (Kvothe) from Rothfuss's Name of the wind

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3 hours ago, LiftIRL said:

Me too! I really do actively HOPE it's just hoid being hoid with weird framing devices as an excuse for Brandon to tip his hat at a fellow writer insead of a big cosmere secret.

I think it is just that, an authors Easter egg acknowledgement of another author. I have seen it done in other books. 
The sign not having a name and having a wheel on it could be referencing Wheel Of Time, as the Inns in those books all had picture signs. 


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