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Bonds on roshar [discuss]

Lanceryn Rider

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If an Elantrian bonded to a Seon were to travel to Roshar, would that act as a Nahel bond?

Brandon Sanderson

It would act very, very similarly, yes. But it would be like... it wouldn't necessarily do the exact same things. Like if you've got two radios tuned to a frequency, they won't necessarily pick up another radio frequency, or things like this. I don't know, that's a bad metaphor, I'd have to think of a better one. But it would be treated exactly the same way but it might not grant the same powers.

Words of Radiance Washington, DC signing (March 20, 2014)

Shallan now has a seon, although not clear if bonded to it. Will she have access to new surges? Does Mraize and or Wit already have access to surges because of their seons?

I think we can definitely say Lift now has an avair, although also unclear if they are bonded. Would that also give access to some surges? Again, does Mraize already have that?

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Spren are Cognitive reflections of the sentient perceptions of natural phenomena, emotions and other regularly occurring...forces. As such, they're very in tune with the thing they represent. Bonding them makes you in tune with those same forces. This isn't true of Seons, Aviar and the like. Bonding them would get you access to the things they are in tune with. Seons are in tune with their Aon and Devotion. Aviar are...in tune with Invested things they eat?

So bonding spren gets you Surges. Bonding Seons get you...whatever their Aon gives you. Bonding Aviar lets you share their abilities in some way.

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