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  1. I agree this is an issue, but it seems that Dalinar is aware of this. He says they need to make sure Odium cannot take more territory and that that part of the deal was not thought through well. Still, Odium is definitely capable of finding a way to take advantage of this that we did not think of. A similar issue is the places that are not part of Dalinars coalition and have not sided with Odium, like Shinovar and Tukar. I think Odium can keep trying to conquer these places after the contest no matter who wins. He can probably say that anywhere in the cosmere that is not explicitly allied with Dalinar he is allowed to attack, although I don't think that lets him leave Roshar
  2. This is what I think happened: Hoid stores all his memories in breath automatically, it seems from what Kelek said that this can be done with any investiture. Odium was able to see all of these memories, but he only took the ones from their conversation because he doesn't want anyone to know that anything has changed. If he took anything besides for the most recent memories, Hoid would have a gap in memory somewhere that he would recognize, or would be noticeably different. But, taking the breaths where these memories were stored changed Hoid to a lower heightening so Hoid may figure out some of his breaths were taken. The only problem I still have is if Hoid no longer has perfect pitch he must have gone below the second heightening, 200 breaths. It seems strange to say Odium only took a few minutes of memory and happened to take enough breath to lower Hoids heightening. Perhaps Hoid had exactly the second heightening so even taking one or two was enough to lower it, but then he must have only had about 200 breaths and it doesn't make sense to say that they store thousands of years of memories and taking a few minutes means taking multiple breaths. Perhaps Hoid stores his short term memory in breath that are always with him and long term memory he stores in other breath that he keeps in something or in some other form of investiture.
  3. It is specified that the champions be unharmed by the other side. This means that they should not try to sabotage the others champion in any way, but what if Odium chooses someone who has already been harmed? Would that force Dalinar to concede? Would it make a difference if he can find someone who was poisoned or wounded before and will die from an existing wound at the time of the duel?
  4. On page 563 Lift is following a red chicken and one time, on the third to last line, it calls it a bird. It's possible this is on purpose because the line is not anyone speaking, just describing the bird moving, but I think since the whole chapter is from Lifts pov it should still be called a chicken
  5. Shallan now has a seon, although not clear if bonded to it. Will she have access to new surges? Does Mraize and or Wit already have access to surges because of their seons? I think we can definitely say Lift now has an avair, although also unclear if they are bonded. Would that also give access to some surges? Again, does Mraize already have that?
  6. I got edgedancer, windrunner, and stoneward all very close. Of those 3 I think I am closest to edgedancer, but of any power I would definitely want to be able to fly. I think Lift would have the most fun with it, but I also think Siri could really use a pet. I said before that I think Lightsong is the funniest person in the cosmere so I would like to hang out with him, but I think you have to say Sazed would be the best friend I think shardblade is much more useful and versatile, especially if it's alive As soon as I read about larkin growing bigger, I immediately pictured Rysn riding into a big battle in the back five on chiri chiris back. My favorite series before starting the cosmere was Eragon, so this seemed like a great connection between the two.
  7. It is my understanding that at the end of Danwshard, Rysn was going to tell Navani and Jasnah about the sleepless. How is it possible that they would let her leave without forcing a meeting with the sleepless. Jasnah in particular has an interview with the Ash and Taln every week even though she barely learns anything new, I find it hard to believe she would not find some way to interview other, sane immortals. Why is it that in the preview chapters Navani does not mention the sleepless once and there is no mention of information that they gained from them? I understand Brandon does not want Dawnshard to be required reading for RoW and so he didn't make anything that happened have a big impact, but in world why would Jasnah ever give up on this chance? The only answer I have is that the sleepless have much more experience in manipulating people and holding their ground especially when it comes to hiding their secrets, but it does not seem like that from Dawnshard.
  8. This is partly based on the sample chapters, but I am hoping that we get to talk to Ishar directly, and I am really hoping we finally get to see urithru turned on My favorite cosmere is probably Kelsier. I know it is pretty classic, but I love that he never gives up and always finds new ways to keep going. I also really liked Lightsong, I thought he was the funniest of anyone we have seen
  9. Hello I have been a lurker here for a while (since oathbringer came out), but with dawnshard out and RoW coming soon, I want to be able to talk to more than just my few friends who also read Brandon's books. Really, making this account is just a way to express my excitement and impatience for Tuesday. I'm looking forward to reading and finding out what is to come!
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