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White Sand Prose vs. Graphic Novel

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Ok, I have read every major book by Brandon, except White Sands. I feel like a large chunk of Cosmere knowledge comes from White Sands, so I would like to read it, however, I don’t care much for comic books. If I wanted to read prose instead of the graphic version, what would I miss out on?

What is the title of the prose version?

How can I obtain the prose version?

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To get the Prose, go to Brandonsanderson.com and scroll to the bottom and sign up for the Newsletter.

You should quickly receive the latest newsletter in your email, and in its Table of Contents(at the top of the newsletter) will be a link to “Download White Sand Prose”


Brandon did make a number of mostly minor changes between the Prose and Graphic novel version, and you can find the differences here


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