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Dawnshard Speculation


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I finally finished Dawnshard so I can join in on the tugtalks and first off just have to say that the book was fantastic. I am happy to finally be getting more cosmere relevant info in the books, which gives us plenty to theorize about during our long waits for the next book. So the one main theory I have seen is the 4 Dawnshards create 4 shards to make our 16 shards and everyone is trying to group them up accordingly.  I only skimmed the topics page so if this has been brought up then I do apologize. There is a WoB from a few years ago that was written in someone's book but I cant find it so if someone else can please feel free to link. The person asks if we can know something we already don't know about the Dawnshards and he replies "One of them is different from the rest". Now I am not sure how to interpret this. Is one maybe more powerful than the others? Or could possibly one of them be the opposite of the other dawnshards and undo commands? If so how would this work for the groupings of the 4's. I honestly have know idea just wanted to see what everyone else thought about it.

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If there is a “Unmaking Dawnshard” then it would make sense that it ruled over Odium and Ruin and two others. 

I am thinking the 4 “quadrants of Asonalsium” will be connected and similar Shards in same grouping.  Like Preservation and Cultivation.    Maybe those specific Dawnshards have power over the specific Shards in their groupings. 

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