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Allomancy and Dawnshard Quadrants


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Theory: The four Allomantic quadrants correlate to the Dawnshard quadrants, and the Shardic groupings.

I mean: four groups of four for a total of sixteen? Where else have we seen that? Do the Shard groups have internal and external Shards? Pushing and pulling?

If Cultivation, Endowment and Ruin are three parts of the ‘Change’ group, then there’s a very good argument for it. E internal; R & C external. R pulling; E & C pushing. I think this group would probably match the physical quadrant.

The other likely possible threesome is Honor, Devotion and Dominion. H & De would be internal; Do would be external. H would be pulling and De would be pushing. I’m not sure whether Do would be pulling or pushing. They’d correspond to the Spiritual/ Enhancement quadrant. This grouping would have a Dawnshard about bonds. Unity?

I think Ambition and Autonomy are together. If Odium is telling the truth about being ‘Passion’ then it goes here too. Assuming they form a three parts of four: Am & O are internal; Au is external. Am is pulling and O & Au are pushing. This group would probably correlate to the Cognitive/Mental group. This Dawnshard probably has something to do with drive or will.

Preservation would be the only known member of the fourth group (unless Odium is actually ‘Void’). P would be external pushing, and the quadrant would correlate to the Temporal/Hybrid group. This Dawnshard probably has something to do with existence/survival. (Possibly irrelevant, because of two feruchemical metals being swapped, but the Hybrid grouping of Feruchemy includes elements necessary for survival - air, food, health, and the will to survive.)

If I’m right about all this, then: 

Change: Cultivation, Endowment, Ruin. Missing: Internal Pulling Shardic intent.

Unify?: Honor, Devotion, Dominion. Missing: External Shardic intent; push/pull status unknown.

Act?: Ambition, Autonomy, Odium? Missing: External Pulling Shardic intent.

Survive?: Preservation. Missing: Internal pushing and pulling and External pulling.

Note: I see Pulling as more active and Pushing as more passive. So Ruin ‘pulls’ things toward destruction, while Cultivation ‘pushes’ them to accomplish.

I also think ‘pushing’ Shards may be better at seeing the future, but that that is further varied by intent. 


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On 11/6/2020 at 3:01 PM, Child of Hodor said:

They are definitely related, but I’ve never felt the Shard groupings had to be in line with allomancy’s external push - internal pull etc. 

The Shards don’t all have perfect or near perfect opposites. 


I don’t see them as opposites, so much as compliments. Ruin’s ‘opposite’ in the quadrant would be Endowment, as opposed to Preservation. But Ruin and Endowment aren’t true opposites, while Ruin and Preservation are.


The Push/Pull I see as more active vs. more passive. Potential vs Kinetic, maybe? So Cultivation encourages people to become better, while Ruin is actively attempting to destroy. 

Internal/External has to with the intent. Ruin and Cultivation are external forces, while everything is naturally ‘endowed’ with certain attributes.


Even in Allomancy, Push and Pull aren’t always opposites. Tin and Pewter aren’t, for example. And others can do the same things in opposing ways, like Brass and Zinc. 

I think, because Scadrial was created by its Shards post-Shattering, the magic systems of Scadrial reflect the new nature of the Cosmere. The other worlds already existed, so they merely adapted to the changes, while Scadrial was created entirely from them.  

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