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Do we think that the Dawnshard of ... (Change???) gives Rysn what looks a lot like at least a few levels of heightening, because Endowment was one of the four shards that it formed?


If so, what does that mean? Were there any other effects on Rysn that are similar to other magic systems we have seen that I missed?


Do bearers of each Dawnshard pick up features of the magic system that their related shards created as a side effect?

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Makes you wonder, right? What do other forms of investiture grant as passive boons? Did Rysn get any other tweeks related to Cultivation or the other two shards she represents. Or can Cultivarion investiture somehow grant heightenings? 

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Maybe just having a lot of Investiture makes you more sensitive to things like that? I know there’s some discussion from Brandon about each Breath bringing you closer to Divinity, and that’s why your color sense etc gets better, so maybe a Dawnshard is just so much power it has a similar effect

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