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Restares Identity (Wild, Probably Wrong Theory)


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So a wild thought occurred to me this morning which is probably wrong, but I figured I'd throw it out there.

Could Restares be Tanavast himself?

We've always assumed that since Honor is dead that Tanavast is dead with him, but what if he found a way to divest himself of the Shard (and the Shard was killed), but not the Shardbearer? We know that it is possible for people to take up a Shard and give it up again if their natures are too much against it, could Tanavast have done something to change his nature to be dishonorable - to be opposite of the traits he used to espouse similar to how the Heralds seem now to be the opposite of what they once stood for?

Restares seems to be the head of the group called "Sons of Honor", which could be more true than we realize.
He would be a recognizable figure for Shallan (not physically, but in the struggle with Odium) for when she reaches Lasting Integrity.
Speaking of Lasting Integrity, who else would be sheltered there but the old vessel of Tanavast himself, now broken and changed from what he once was.

Now, obviously, if Tanavast were still around, wouldn't his Cosmere knowledge be better than what the Sons of Honor have? Only if breaking from the Shard left his memories intact, which it may not of. Ati we know had something of a memory when he appeared briefly before Sazed and Kelsier, but I feel like that was different than what I'm proposing.

Anyway, this theory probably has no legs to stand on, but if you see any more evidence for or against, I'd love to hear it. Just a crazy idea I had this morning.

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Well, Tanavast did sort of divest himself from the Shard of Honor, in a way, but that just comes from the nature of being a Vessel. It seems to be that after holding a Shard, once you die you just automatically become a Cognitive Shadow unless you specifically choose to go to the Beyond. 

Tanavast is said to have merged his Cognitive Shadow with the Stormfather, so in a way he is still alive, but.. 


I have to say, I agree with the sentiment of your argument here. Tanavast’s CS + the Stormfather doesn’t feel like a merged entity, it just feels like... the Stormfather. I would love for some craziness to happen so that the current cast could actually speak to Tanavast at some point. 

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