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Mistborn and The Last Airbender


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I don’t know if this has been posted before but there are a lot of similarities between the original Avatar and Mistborn when you compare them to their sequel series in Legend of Korra and Wax and Wayne. I’m of a mind that Wax and Wayne is better executed but the similarities are there.

A world that was saved, having an industrial revolution, callbacks to the previous series continuously, much smaller scope in plot, however other than SoS I think Mistborn Era 2 has been much better.

Also on a side note Wax and Steris’ relationship is my favorite romantic thing Brandon has ever written with Siri/Sus being second. I’m on BoM so no spoilers please!

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23 minutes ago, E-Harmony said:

Yeah it isn’t done often. It just seems hard to recapture the magic/inspiration of the original series. Both sequels are really cool but don’t have that same certain something 

The W&W characters have more charisma. Also, I think the pulp inspiration, which is very interesting and original for a fantasy setting. In addition, enemies, mysteries and magic were much better used.

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W&W are a treasure although I wish they got more time together. I like how they are kind of a meld between Sherlock and Watson and Batman and Robin. With some Western gunslinger in good measure mixed in.

I didn’t like Shadows of Self as much. It felt like too much was going on but also too small in scale (the ending was great though of course) I really enjoyed AoL a ton and BoM is going really strong so far

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