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[WoT Spoilers... kinda] More support for "Ishar is Evil" ?

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Scene opens on a dark room, light filtering through closed blinds. There is a pile of empty and half-empty soda cans on the side of the desk. A crumb covered paper plate sticks halfway out of the trashcan below. Camra pans to show a bed, a conspiracy chalkboard resting upon it. Curled up in the corner at the foot of the bed is BasementDwellingRadiant, clearly unwell from too long researching WoT lore. "It can't be..." he mutters. "It - Can it? - Is it that obvious? No. No. How?" From the other end of the house, Eric Cartman screams bloody murder. Something about needing pizza rolls and another empty bottle. Or did he say bucket? It's muffled and hard to hear. "Could the hint -" BasementDwellingRadiant mutters again "have been in front of us all this time?" On the Conspiracy Chalkboard is written only one sentence.

Aginor's name before becoming one of the Forsaken was... Ishar Morrad Chuain! Coincidence? I think not!

Maybe it was three sentences. The camera never was very good at math.

Seriously, though. This is epic levels of tinfoil hattery.

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