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Kaladin and Venli


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We know that Venli and Kaladin must meet at some point (EDIT: we don't but to me at least it seems likely), and this is me speculating about how they will meet.

So far in the Rhythm of War preview chapters, we know that Kaladin is struggling with the fourth oath (something that has something to do, I think, with not being able to protect everyone), we know that Dalinar is retiring him from the battlefield, and we know that he is looking for a new path. In Oathbringer, we saw him develop sympathy for the singers, travelling with them, and we see this develop into the relationship he has with Lewshi. Moreover, a general theme of Kaladin as a character is how he should protect, mainly through the eyes of soldier vs healer. 

Now Venli, we know from the latest chapter that she aims to abandon the war to found a civilization where she and the singers can live in peace. We also now know she serves under Lewshi, who has a connection with Kaladin. We also know that she is talking with a group of spren who might share similar ideals/goals to her. I believe these to be the honor spren, those who refuse to bond to a radient. Perhaps this are the spren who would rather protect through healing rather than through fighting, representing Kaladin's dichotomy. In any case, we also know that Kaladin is in talks with, and negotiating with the honorspren.

I believe that either Lewshi will introduce Kaladin and Venli, or, and i think this is more likely, they will meet through the honorspren. I then believe that Kaladin will find his new mission in protecting the singers (as his struggle with the two sides of the war has already been made clear), and this could be especially satisfying as it might help reconcile his viewpoint with his fathers. This might also relate to his fourth oath- abandoning bridge four in some respects to protect others, travelling far away from the war effort. And Brandon has confirmed that the cast will be split up, travelling over Roshar, for the course of this book. 

In any case, tell me what you think, its very speculative but I thought it was interesting, any responses will tell me if it was actually worth sharing. 

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I believe that at certain point of the book they will meet. Leshwi being tied up with Kaladin, and Venli being tied up with Leswhi, while also being rebellious type who may become the Radiant while also seeking freedom, can result into them eventually talking.

Brandon also made a certain emphasis on Venli envoy form and her ability to translate all languages. It points at the possibility that her skills will have the use in the future. I personally sure she or she+Leshwi will have a meeting with humans. Will it be Kaladin on an official diplomacy mission, or them going on to secret meeting with Kaladin company of peacemakers? Dont know.

I can think of following ideas:

1) The most simple. Dalinar wants to set up the meeting with Singers. Leshwi+Venli would be their representatives. Kaladin and Dalinar would be representatives of the humans.

2) The rebellious one. Venli will finally reveal herself to Leshwi and they will set up the secret meeting with the human-person Leshwi thinks of the best.

2a) It might be Leshwi's initiative to set up the meeting with Kaladin and Venli would be brought up because of he language and translation skills.

3) Timbre and Syl at some point will meet and set up the meeting of their hosts on themselves.

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