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Assassins’ Creed Radiants


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I want to draw a series of the various Assassins (and some Templars) as Radiants. The images would be of the Assassin (or Templar) with the Order symbol behind them and their Spren. Possibly with a unique oath or truth. So I need opinions on which Order they belong in. Yes, Orders can repeat.


Altaiir - Skybreaker (I mean, he is the original Assassin in white...) This one isn’t changing. 

Maria - Windrunner

Ezio - Edgedancer

Yusuf - Windrunner

Haytham - Elsecaller

Connor - Stoneward

Aveline - Lightweaver

Edward - Willshaper

Adewale - Windrunner

Shay - Willshaper

Liam - Skybreaker

Arno - Windrunner

Elise - Willshaper

Jacob - Dustbringer

Evie - Elsecaller

Henry - Truthwatcher

Lydia - ?

Bayek - Skybreaker

Aya - Edgedancer 

Kassandra - Dustbringer

Darius - ?

Jun - Edgedancer

Arbaaz - ?

Nikolei - Windrunner

Aguilar - Windrunner

Maria - ?

Eivor - ?

Desmond - Truthwatcher 

Lucy - Lightweaver

Bonus: Which unmade does Alexios get?

This is a rough sketch of Altair:


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Altaïr speaks the Words as a child, immediately followed by the Creed. That he will be a Skybreaker is never in question; it is the rare Assassin who does not bond - if they bond - a Highspren, and those are not raised to the Order but join later. 

He pledges himself to the Assassins when he becomes an apprentice in truth. A squire, some would call him, though the Order did not use the term. Altaïr is thirteen, a man, as he takes a Leap of Faith and soars for the first time.


It is some years before he speaks the Creed and his dedication is accepted. Her name is Verity, and she flickers about like a living piece of the night. Together they save Al Mualim from the traitor Haras. Altaïr is 24 and a Master Assassin.

He finds his Crusade a year later, when the ship carrying Adha, his captive lover, sails away before he can reach it. He will find her, he swears, and punish those who hurt her. Verity agrees, but he knows she worries. She worries more when Altaïr finds Adha at last, and cradles her broken body in his arms. She watches him grow colder, harsher, and ever more scornful of his Creed, of his Oaths, as he hunts down her captors. Their bond is weaker than it has ever been. Altaïr is 25 when he completes his crusade. He no longer cares.


He is 26 when he breaks his Oaths and violates the Creed, seeking the Apple, a unique fabriel of great power. His folly kills both Verity and Kadar and Altaïr is forced to flee to Masyaf. He takes a Leap of Faith without his surges and saves the city. Then it is time for justice. Al Mualim stabs him, cutting deep, and Altaïr knows his end has come. He does not see the fabriel in his Mentor’s other hand.


Altaïr awakens from death to find he has another chance. He can redeem himself, redeem his Oaths. He will be an Assassin again, but for now... for now he is an apprentice once more and there are nine men who need to die. 

Verity is just a blade now, and sometimes Altaïr can hear her cry. It weighs on him as he fights, completing his contracts, killing his targets. And as he works his way down the list, he finds his Oaths again, finds himself again. The Creed finds a new meaning in his heart and the search for the Nine his new crusade. His surges begin to return and Verity speaks to him again.


It is near the end when he meets the Windrunner, wearing the guise of Robert de Sable. He defeats her, though not without difficulty. Her name, he will learn much later, is Maria. She is not one of the Nine, not his target, not part of the crusade. He lets her go, and wonders as he tracks de Sable. 

The Templar dies with a revelation: al Mualim has betrayed them both, desiring the Apple for himself. Altaïr rides for Masyaf to learn the truth. He finds the populace enslaved, minds warped by the Apple’s powers. Al Mualim binds him too, holding him with the Apple’s power. “The Words!” Verity whispers, and Altaïr understands. Nothing is true; Everything is permitted. 

The bonds break, unable to hold him, and Verity flashes through the air like a slice of the night. Together they defeat his Mentor and reclaim the Apple. Together they see. A universe, a Cosmere, of so many worlds, each with their own peoples. The Apple is not from Roshar, and Roshar is not alone.


Altaïr is 27, a Skybreaker of the Fifth Ideal, and Mentor of the Assassin Brotherhood. 

And Desmond Miles watches.





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