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Roshar Raging Fire (Phillip Phillips)


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Spoilers for OB

So I noticed something when Raging Fire came up on spotify. Hope you like it. 


So just read through this excerpt of the lyrics and keep the relationship between Dalinar and Evi's death and the effects on Dalinar in mind. 

Before the flame goes out tonight
Yeah, we'll live until we die
So c'mon c'mon c'mon
Won't you turn my soul into a raging fire?
C'mon c'mon c'mon
'Til we lose control into a raging fire
Into a raging fire
C'mon c'mon c'mon
Won't you turn my soul into a raging fire?
You know time will give and time will take
All the memories made will wash away
Even though we've changed, I'm still here with you
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