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Storing unexpected things in a tinmind


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So I got this idea sparked from the reverse compounding thread on here, but I think it deserves its own thread, and I don’t want to bother the people on that thread.

so tinminds store senses, all of em. I’m wondering what counts as a sense. There are multiple allomantic abilities that could give you a new “sense.” A-bronze gives pulses eminating from people who are using a metal. Does that count as a sense? How about A-atium and electrum? Those give shadows that exist in front of people. Are those senses? 

another big one is A-steel or iron. Not only do they give lines eminating from the chest, even when your eyes are closed (I think), but they also allow you to see metals in a 360 degree view. That would be crazy to store.

there are also additional senses that are a side-effect of a metal. A-pewter gives balance. A-atium gives reaction time, if that counts as a sense. These will definitely work in a metalmind, but would they be useful?

this could make a F-tin twinborn much more useful. 

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I wonder if the fact that those senses come from the brain understanding input from specific parts of a magic system would stop this, or make it difficult/more chancy. But maybe not, maybe you could do it.

This did get me thinking about other senses though. If you can store the basic five in a tinmind, could you store your other more passive senses that work all the time? Could you get a thug's sense of balance temporarily just by storing your own and tapping it quickly? If I were storing senses, I'd store every sense I could reasonably get away with storing, rotating one out so I wasn't completely vulnerable. Not just the main ones.

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The short answer is yes.  though I don't know if we have specific answers for each individual metal.  this was the first WoB I found on it, though I think there are others:




Can Feruchemical tin store Allomantically granted senses like bronze sense?

Brandon Sanderson


I think that other senses besides the traditional 5 can be stored as well, so long as the ferruchemist understands those things to be independent senses.  Think there is a WoB to that effect, so I'll dig around a bit more and see what else I can find


edit - here we go:




Can Feruchemists store more than the five ‘traditional’ senses, and does Allomantic tin enhance more than the traditional five senses?

Brandon Sanderson

More is possible.

those are both pretty vague, but they answer the general gist of your questions


edit 2: there are a couple more I found that are more specific, that I don't feel like linking to right now, but they are specific examples of non-traditional senses you could store. (specifically the ability to sense pain - which is called nocioception; and the ability some animals have to detect electric fields - electroreception)

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Meanwhile, I found this WoB:


I recently picked up the Mistborn Adventure game and am loving it. I made a character who is a blind Mistborn because hey, I thought it would make for some interesting possibilities. As I understand Allomancy, he can hear/sense well enough to get around with Tin, plus even though he's blind he can still "see" steel lines (like the inquisitors), and I assume Atium would work the same way- that is, he could still "see" Atium shadows. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Brandon Sanderson

No, you're right. That works. He'd have to burn metals a LOT though. It might warp him a little. :)

/r/fantasy AMA 2013 (April 15, 2013)

this seems to prove atium, steel/lurcher sense, and electrum are individual senses. That being said, I’m assuming that being able to pull them wouldn’t be stored. I wonder how much storing you would need to see aluminum with that sense.

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