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Lift and the Nightwatcher

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On 8/15/2020 at 0:55 AM, Hoid the Drifter said:

Why didn't the Nightwatcher grant her request?

The Nightwatcher does not give you what you ask for, she gives you what she thinks you deserve with a random curse to go along with it. Read Baxil's interlude in the Way of Kings, Av talks about the Nightwatcher and the Old Magic, how asking for a Boon and getting a Bane to go with it works and what the stories regarding the Nightwatcher get wrong about it.

Besides, it wasn't the Nightwatcher who granted Lift's Boon and Bane but Cultivation herself. And as we see with Dalinar, when Cultivation appears Boon and Bane become intertwined.

So we know that Lift can convert food into Stormlight but cannot inhale Stormlight how regular Radiants do, and is partially in the Cognitive somehow (can touch Wyndle, broke into the Stormfather's Visions) but we don't know what part is supposed to be the boon and what part the curse. We know what she asked for ("to never change"), we don't know what exactly she got.

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added line regarding inability to inhale Stormlight the regular way, hinted in-book; confirmed by Brandon
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