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San Diego Comic-Con I don't have a redit acount


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San Diego Comic-Con is canceled in person but since Brandon will be taking questions from Reddit of the Reddit thread.  I don't have(nor for personal reasons do I want) an account on reddit I was wondering if another sharder is interested in posting my question for me. 


My questions is "what kind of ethical systems did you research when coming up with the different Radiant oaths."   

I also think vetting our own questions might be a good idea for those who are interested.  There are way too many WoBs for anyone to know for certain if their question has been asked/RAFOed already. 


I am not trying to recreate the many many many pages long questions to ask Brandon thread.  When the event is over I will close the page

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3 hours ago, Karger said:

Any particular reason(I am not trying to be disrespectful I just would like to understand)? 

We would prefer to simply not have a culture of people asking questions via proxy. It really isn't a big deal in this specific instance, so don't really worry about it, but I'm just reminded of people who would ask lots of questions via proxy in signings. I remember a time where people were handing cards out to people at signings to ask for specific WoBs.

You're not doing this, so that's all good, but it's also very easy to make a Reddit account and then delete it if you so choose, so it feels like the barrier to entry is quite low.

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