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Are we not supposed to discuss the Liar of Partinel?


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Are we not supposed to discuss the Liar of Partinel? A topic by Lifeblesser was removed, discussing the parts that Brandon had released, in the Unpublished Works forum. We're allowed to talk about Fainlife, even outside of the Unpublished Works forum, in the spoilers allowed forums. Was it because the sample chapters were removed from Brandon's site at the time (due to the new site)?

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The topic that was removed did not talk about the usual Liar of Partinel chapters that had historically been available on Brandon's site, which was why it was removed. The ch 1-2 one is allowed, but there was some later stuff that was not really publicly available, so it was removed. Said person was also spreading distribution of these works, which Brandon doesn't want, which was another reason it was removed.

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