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Does Brandon check for speedhacking in the cosmere?


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I was thinking about traveling in the cosmere, and I hadn't heard this take on "hopping"... Specifically using the cognitive realm and feruchemy (I was thinking of hoid traveling)

Location in the physical realm can be impacted from the cognitive realm, hoid "using shadesmar" in traveling tells us that physical realm location can be tinkered with.

There is a correlation between physical realm location and cognitive realm "location", Jasnah in WoR sees images correlating to where she was in the physical realm just before she entered shadesmar, in shadesmar.

Given that we know some nifty trick exists making a teleportation of sorts in the physical realm possible, my thought/theory is this: The cognitive realm location is determined by where the mind of the person views itself to be in the physical realm, not an onto mapping of physical realm physical location to cognitive realm location. Normally this wouldn't do anyone except maybe the completely insane any good, but the right type of feruchemist has the ability to trick himself into thinking he's someplace he's not... My theory is that this is akin to speedhacking through the cosmere by taking advantage of the cognitive realm properties.

There are two "implementation details" I'm fuzzy on, (getting in and out of cog, and copper vs aluminum)but here's an example scenario of the concept:

An archivist walks into a bar goes straight into men's room and pushes the very recent "memory" of being in this men's room into a coppermind. He hops a bus across town, walks into another bar, goes right to that bars men's room, pushes his near term memory into a coppermind pops the memory of the first bars men's room (is probably pretty confused by now) and jumps into shadesmar actually believing himself in the first bar, his cognitive self is in the cognitive realm "location" representing the first bar, he hops back into the physical realm, this time actually physically at the first bar.

That's the concept, I don't know if the feruchemist would have to mess with memories (copper) or identity (aluminum) to get the job done, but either way it would be right trippy for him... Its essentially intentionally creating a location discrepancy between the physical realm and cognitive realm and asking the cognitive realm to take priority to "speedhack" your way across the cosmere.

To be clear, without additional trickery this would only work for places you've been (I believe there are at least two kinds of "hopping" taking place) I'm just putting the basic premise out there.

Apologies if this has been suggested before, I'm not good at searching through the forums normally, and am on my cell now which just compounds my deficiency... If its not been suggested, does this "cognitive speedhacking" theory seem plausible?

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An interesting thought. I'm not sure if it's so simple to fool the cognitive aspect, though: it could well have a bit more inertia than what can be overcome by simple in-the-moment confusion.

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Yeah, if it could be done at all with copper the process might have to be more extensive... There might be some aspect of personal identity in there too? I just wanted to float the general concept.

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