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Hi, all! New guy here. I'm glad to be aboard! I started reading Brandon's/Mr. Sanderson's books within a month or so of hearing the announcement that he would be helping to finish WoT. I wasn't a doubter (easy to say now, of course, but I honestly wasn't). More than anything else, I was excited to read the work of the author who Harriet had chosen to write the missing parts of AMoL. I can't remember the order... I think I started with Mistborn: The Final Empire, then Elantris while I was waiting on Well of Ascension to be come out, then the rest in order of release.

I did join because of the contest - that spurred me, anyway. I have a signed/numbered copy of The Alloy of Law ordered, but figured it couldn't hurt!

I'm a family man - I have the greatest wife ever and three wonderful, crazy kiddos. I like reading, video-gaming (Think with Portals), getting tattooed, building websites, and am an aspiring author. Celtland has been my online moniker for the last 12 years or so.

I've really only been active on one set of forums - modstothemax[dot]net - a website for roller coaster gaming lovers. We started with Disney's Ultimate Ride in 2001-2002 - now most people play the Roller Coaster Tycoon series. I was the tech/install/fixit guy there - it's where I started learning the in's and out's of web forums, websites, databases, and all that good stuff. I'm still a member, but rarely check in due to all the other fun hooplah I have going on in my life. :)

I look forward to being an active member here. I honestly need to reread all of Brandon's novels before I can contribute to any of the theory discussions. I'm reading a slew of books researching my novel while trying to squeeze in A Dance with Dragons. However, I fully intend to read all of them again. I'm most looking forward to the Stormlight Archive and all the awesomeness it will bring.

I appreciate you building and maintaining this awesome website for us all to enjoy!

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