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The Shroomies

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This is the Smurf village stands in direct opposition to the Featherclan.

Any who wish to stand against those tricksie fanatics then come to this Smurf village where i can promise that not much in the way of Hemalurgic experimentation will happen.

Well there won't be much performed on the Smurfs inhabiting the village.

Though I will be exploring the Fourth realm the Realm that they call 'laita' ( elvish for praise, apparently ) where I shall hunt gather terrified willing Upvotes for use in Hemalurgy.

Any willing to help are more than welcome

mushroom-house.jpgThis humble abode is my house.

If you want one come make one come and make one.

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For too long have thou been ignored by the larger clans, and to this we say - NO LONGER.

You are tiny walking spikes. This is adorable. Ponies are also adorable. There is but one conclusion to be reached:

Ally yourselves with the Herd, and together we shall conquer this forum, and celebrate with a great and glorious feast!

At the Feast there shall be kiwis, and apples perhaps.

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I have been kicked far too many times by ponies for me to ever think the stupid things are cute. The second time I got kicked in the testicles was enough for me, now I have made it my policy to stay away from them. So there is no way I'm going to join your group, clan or whatever people calling these thingies. But thanks for the invite all the same.

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