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Hi new friends! I started reading Sanderson a few years ago and have been slowly working my way through the cosmere books. I started with Stormlight and then did Mistborn, Elantris, and Warbreaker in that order. Once I learned about the cosmere I realized I had read everything in a backwards sort of order, so I have been re reading the books and trying to catch all the cosmere elements this time. It is very exciting to me to dive into such a well formed high fantasy universe like what Sanderson has created here! He writes in a way that puts the world building front and center as the true star of the work, but also manages to not sacrifice the quality of the individual storytelling and character development. I find him brilliant. I am thrilled to be a part of this community, and look forward to interacting with everyone as we discuss the nuanced details of the cosmere and theorize about what might come next! 


Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination

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