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Greetings fellow Sandernerds


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Hello everyone, 


My name is Greg. I started reading Sanderson around 9 months ago when I was finishing up my Masters degree and needed some sort of mental break from reading old stuffy textbooks. I had heard very little about Sanderson so I just grabbed the first novel I found, Way of Kings. It was a bit intimidating at first and took me a little bit of time to adjust to the new lingo, but once I did, Sanderson quickly became my all time favorite author.

Since then I have read through his whole catalogue at least once, having read the Reckoners trilogy and Skyward now twice and am finishing my third read through of the SLA. 


I’m excited to read through all your theories about stuff and getting excited for SLA 4. 

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In the Cosemere, probably that in Mistborne because it’s simple and accessible, yet open to a lot of expansion as we see in the Wax and Wayne series. I really like the Rosharian magic system, but I am holding judgement until we see a more full idea what each of the surges are and do. 

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5 minutes ago, Rask said:

Welcome! Can't say I've heard of Brent Week before. What's he write?

He’s a fantasy author relatively new to the scene (2008). He has written the Night Angel Trilogy and the Lightbringer series. He is finishing the last book of the Lightbringer series by end of this year I think. The NA trilogy is good, especially for a freshman author, but nothing really earthshaking. The Lightbringer series is really inspired work. Second only to Sanderson himself, IMO. 

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