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Happy to finally make an appearance!


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Hello all! I've been stalking the Shard cloaked in darkness for over a year now, but today I finally step into the light! Enough chit chat, lets get down to business. 

I've read the entire Cosmere, plus just about everything else Brandon has given us so far. My favorite character is Kaladin, and by that I mean favorite character in anything, ever. The book I'm looking forward to the most at the moment is probably The Lost Metal. Don't get me wrong, Starlight is my favorite, but the Wax and Wayne ark is so close to being wrapped up I just really want it to be given the climax and ending it deserves as soon as posable.

My number one prediction for The Lost Metal is... well yeah, I'm a sucker for the Wayne becomes a Kandra theory. I'm not saying he should be a huge presence in every Mistborn book to follow for the rest of eternity, I just think it would be a cool wrap up for his ark. He could spend hundreds of years helping out the little guys, a way to atone for the murder he committed all those years ago. And to be perfectly truthful I'm forever on the 'Wayne is awsome and needs to be around always' side of the fandom. I know not everyone feels that way and I understand there arguments, but I do think Wayne is a deeper character then people sometimes give him credit for. 

Number one Stormlight four prediction. Teft swears fourth ideal before Kaladin, definitely. Teft just seams to have more forward momentum in his emotional journey right now. I love Kaladin but if his fourth ideal is what most of the fandom thinks it is then I don't think he's swearing it any time soon. For the record my opinion on Kaladin's eventual fourth ideal is something along the lines of 'I will kill my enemies to protect my allies'. 

Also I want Lopen to swear the third ideal in a serious non joking manor, I know he can be a non troll character if he really tries!    

My non Brandon favorite book series are the Expanse by James S. A. Corry, the Percy Jackson books, and the Wheel of Time books, though I'm only up The Shadow Rising at this moment. 

The Book I'm currently reading is Shadow of the Conquerer by Shad M. Brooks. It's a nice dark fantasy, do not give to kids but I do recomend. Shad is the youtuber behind Shadiversety, a channel I recommend highly, as well as a consultant on storlight four. The audiobook is narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading so you really can't go wrong.

I'm greatly looking forward to contributing to this fine fandom. Thank you for taking the time to read my first post!  

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