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kandra identity


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I've actually theorized about additional Kandra Blessings in my free time. If the 4 we know of are based on the 'human attributes' that Hemalurgy can steal, why not "destiny" or "connection/identity"? They're not Metallic Arts powers.

Since Chromium "might steal destiny" according to the chart, why not call it the Blessing of Fate? Wherein the Kandra inherits part of the donor's future, like... Inventing something that could change the world in some way, like if you spiked the guy that built the radio in BoM, and gave that as a Blessing to a Kandra, then that Kandra might end up inventing the radio instead. ... this one is the weirdest, because 'destiny' is super vague. is it stealing "future connections"? remember, time doesn't exist in the spiritual realm.

Duralumin steals Connection/Identity. I feel like this one would be called the Blessing of Personality. If you spiked a person and then had a Kandra absorb their body and use that as their "main identity", and gave them these duralumin spikes, the Kandra's personality and behaviours would be more in line with the spiked person. They would basically come "pre-installed" so to speak, with Connections to other people, places (so you can nail the local dialect) and the Identity of the person which has a bunch of interesting implications.

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