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The Big Bad of Cosmere


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Some says that it is Bavadin but what if its Sazed? We knew that his name should have been Discord yet he chose Harmony. What if a very big tragedy happens in the future Scadrial that he lose his mind and the power of the Shards take over? We know the future is hard to predict and he is new to this Shard thing. Might be that Trell is finding a new way to wreck havoc to Scadrial because he sees that the development in the world is danger to their projects as a whole in Cosmere. And he does it by manipulating the right people like Paalm. And by the look of it in BoM, he's having a hard time keeping the Shard that trying to do something on his planet because of the Intent of his Shard. Also the letter Hoid received in OB, it looks like Sazed is in desparate need of information. What about you guys? 

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Well, according to Ruin, Preservation should just let him do his job, because when Scadrial is destroyed there won't be anything left that could change - once Ruin's done, nothing is happening, nothing is changing, there's only a big pile of nothing. Everything is going to remain the way it is. And that would be something Preservation would really like - complete stagnation, lack of change. Ruin thinks, that there definitely is an outcome both he and Preservation would like - the end of the world.

Of course that is Ruin, the most untrustworthy being in the universe, basically Scadrial's version of Satan, the lieral personification of change trying to comprehend the psychology of its complete opposite, Preservation, so... that doesn't really mean a lot, even IF he was telling the truth. But still...

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