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The Parshendi who fled

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In Words of Radience, after Eshonai becomes Stormform, many Parshendi who did not want to take on Stormform ended up fleeing into the Shattered Plains. Did we ever get any information on what happened to them, either from a WoB or in the books themselves? I know Eshonai said that they would likely die in a Highstorm before actually doing anything, but a Chekhov's Gun like that is just begging to be fired. 

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To my knowledge, we have no direct evidence of their fate.  But I agree with you that they will show up again.  Another hint is that Dalinar promises Rlain that if any normal Parshendi survive, he will protect them.  After Rlain's POV in OB, we don't see him on-screen again.  I have often thought he has gone to search for any missing Parshendi.

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Most people believe that Rlain is going searching for them, and is why Rlain was mostly absent from Oathbringer, which is somewhat supported by this WoB:



Frustrated with the editing/beta readers for not noticing Brandon leaving out a character.

The character I'm talking about is Rlain. An entire part of the book was spent with every single member of Bridge Four talking about how Rlain wasn't really a part of things, and even more so Rlain himself in his POV chapter. And then nothing! We get a conclusion to the whole buildup of Bridge Four, but Rlain is nowhere mentioned in the last half of the book. Nevermind that we've all spent an entire book (and the three years since WoR) wondering if Rlain will become a squire, and nevermind that we get an answer to whether a Parshman can become Radiant in the first place. We just get nothing! No resolution.

Peter Ahlstrom

Everyone noticed this. I noticed it even before the beta read started. Brandon was well aware, and this was all intentional. I'll bet you can think of some reasons for it.

General Reddit 2018 (Jan. 9, 2018)
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