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Introducing Myself: MasterK-Bob, Cosmere Fan and Academic

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Hi guys,

I've been posting off and on for probably about a year in the Q&A section and I have maybe dabbled in other sections, but I don't think I've actually introduced myself. I'm MasterK-Bob. I read all of the Cosmere Novels, Novellas, and short fiction in succession, though not in any particular order from about September of 2017 to February of 2018, and of course, I loved them. I started with Stormlight, WoK, WoR, Edgedancer, Oathbringer, then Warbreaker, then did Mistborn Era 1, then the parts of AU applicable to era 1, or unafiliated (6th and Silence), then Elantris, then the Sel stuff in AU, then Era 2 and the last of the AU stuff. I'm going to do a Cosmere reread starting some time early next year (a lot to read before then), but I think I'm gonna go roughly publication order this time, but keeping the different serieses (how do you pluralize that word?) together. I've got a lot to read before then though (especially a reread of Lightbringer before the Burning White comes out, and a reread of Gods of Blood and Powder, before Blood of Empire comes out). I've also read Reckoners, but nothing else (yet) of Sanderson's non-Cosmere work.

Personally, I'm a doctoral student and adjunct professor in World Religion with a special focus on the Hebrew Bible and the more ancient myths that inspired parts of it, especially from ancient Mesopotamia. I'm pleased to meet and interact with you all!



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Hello @MasterK-Bob! What is your favorite Sanderson magic system?

If you are looking for a non-Cosmere book to try, I highly recommend Skyward or The Rithmatist. They are both really good books, and Skyward has a sequel coming in December (Yay!).

If you haven't already, you might want to look into the history of BAKED GOODS here on the Shard (specifically cookies)...

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