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Birds were singing a merry tune as sunlight filtered down through the bows of a green oak.  Returned walked along a path, whistling a quick rhythm, watching the wildlife tumble in the grass about him.  Yes, he thought, humanity has done a fine job with this world.  This place will do...

Seven Months Later
Returned stood proudly atop the battlements of his brand-new fortress.  He had inspiringly named it "Fort Fortress".  Hmm, he though, If my name is any indication, perhaps I should leave choosing names to my advisors.  He shrugged, and went on enjoying the fruits of his labors.  Even here, on the Alleyplanet, where the science of returned was well known––even taken for granted––there were still people who worshiped returned.  That was, in fact, how he had managed to build this monstrosity anyhow.  He had the faint worry that the laborers would stick around after the project was done, and he hadn't the faintest idea what to do with a bunch of fanatics.  He shrugged, discarding his worries, and resolved to enjoy this day.  The short man, Keleth, walked up.  "Hello your majesty.  How are you doing on this fine day?"
"Thank you Keleth.  Yes, I am in fact enjoying this day immensely.  You know, the opening of the fortress and all.  Sadly, I'll have to leave after this, I have a wedding to attend.  By the way, are you good with names?"
"Um, maybe.  My kid has a good name."
"You have a kid?"
"Yes, his name is Jonathan." 
"Good name.  Are you good with city, or, maybe, perhaps, fortress names?"
"The name is kind of lame, isn't it."
"Yes.  I fear that I am absolutely hopeless with names."
"I think I noticed.  My lord Returned.  How about 'Fortress Eternal' my lord?"
"I like.  I like it a lot.  In fact, have the scribes change the name to that.  Thank you, Keleth."
"You're welcome my lord.  I assume you caught the reference?"
"Mm.  Are the people almost settled in?"
"Yes my lord.  They are setting up temporary residences and shops in the main courtyard."
Returned looked over the edge, and indeed, many canvas tents were erected in the courtyard.  The Fortress was huge, perhaps a square mile, and the construction had been a huge undertaking.  It had taken more than seven months with the assistance of large amounts of investiture, including the sacrifice of two other returned.  "It will happen soon Keleth.  Soon, we will have a city to rival the capitol.  A center of trade and economics.  A hub of politics and industry.  A truly majestic city shall arise here."
"Speaking of a city, we have the projected logistics worked out."  He handed a writing pad to Returned, which was perused with a careful eye.
"A militia of one-hundred thousand strong?  Getting a little optimistic are we?"
"It's also to serve as a defending garrison, and possible an invasion force."
"Are we to be a sovereign state, or under Alleycity jurisdiction?"
"If I may advise to start out under their jurisdiction..."
The conversation went on like this, discussing many of the logistics and specifics needed for running a budding city.  After the conversation with Keleth was over, Returned sauntered over to his office, in the top tower.  "Milton, please summon my officials."  The thin secretary jumped over to a desk, where he grabbed spanreed.  "And what would you like me to say?"
"Say this:  @#Voidapple, @Gancho Libre, @MetaTerminal, and @beantheboy12.  I summon you to the new Diagramist headquarters.  You are to report here, and we shall discuss goals and objectives of our great guild.  Thank you." 
The spindly man wrote this, and then hesitated.  "Um, sir, what about the... other one?"
"Hmm?  Oh, yes, draft another message."
The scribe took another spanreed in his hands, and set it to the paper.
"Say this:  Hello @Furamirionind.  You have acted with great loyalty and are to be commended.  Although your position within the greater guilds has been very beneficial, it is time to end the charade.  I'm calling you to the headquaters of the Diagramists, and you will now serve as the known leader of the Silent Gatherers.  Godspeed."  
Milton finished the message then set down the pen.  He looked at Returned gravely, "This will cause quite a ruckus in the Alleyverse.  They will not be happy."
Returned slowly walked over to his window, and surveyed the budding city below.  He finally turned towards Milton, "No, they will not.  It is time though.  Time to break expectations.  It is a new era, after all."

Welcome!  This is the Diagramist headquaters, and anyone who wants to join can also send their character here, as well as go to the main Diagramist thread.  Yes, that's Keleth from the Alleynaeum, but no one used the Alleynaeum, and I wasn't about to discard a perfectly good NPC.  I am making an army, but it's only for policing my budding city.  The city is flowering here because the fortress has access to the many natural resources, such as timber and minerals.  Traders and politicians can make money from us, so it will eventually (I hope) grow into a full city.


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True enough

Keleth walked behind Returned's desk and addressed the two in the room, "Thank you for coming.  His majesty Most Holy is away for the time being, and he has placed me in command in his absence.  The first order of business he asked me to conduct is two make you, Hasharan, the Miitia Commander.  The Militia's primary duty is to police the city and act as an invasion force if neccessary.  Once @Furamirionind joins us, he will take his Silent Gatherers to collect intel.  For now, we will prepare to host a government party here in the ballroom to expand our political influence.  


I'm going to RP my character hosting a social event with all of the government representatives here to expand the fortresses political influence.  We will RP the event and try to garner favors throughout the event.  This will all start once the government thread goes up.

@Gancho Libre @beantheboy12

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My character is still being developed/written, but I think I can do a basic introduction here right? Basically the only thing relevant here is the name...

It was pouring outside, and a drenched figure wearing a dark grey cloak darted into the entrance room and shivered from the sudden warmth.  They glanced to their left and right, to see some guards coming forward to make sure they were supposed to be there. The cloaked figure reached into their cloak, the guards stiffened at the sudden movement, but the figure just pulled out a soggy piece of folded up paper and started to unfold it with some difficulty.  The paper was unfolded, but the ink on the page had started to smear, "Rusts!" a female voice muttered from under the hood, "Is this enough?".  One of the guards took the piece of paper, and though most of the page was only semi-readable, the insignia of Returned was still undamaged. "Go on through" said the guard.

The woman nodded to the guards, walked to Returned's office, and knocked twice. She entered without waiting for a response and looked around to see KelethHasharan, and Xena. She tore off the grey hood and cloak, nodded to Keleth, and reached out her hand to the other 2 people. "I'm Jules, nice to finally meet you".

Jules looked back at Keleth, "Where is Returned? I was under the impression they were going to be here."

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A figure in a green and white tunic and a grey cloak walked toward Fortress Eternal. He paused for a moment, then threw back his hood, looking up at the gate. He looked down at his spren, Auri, smiled , and strode purposefully up to the fortress. He had heard about this new guild and talked about it with Auri. After much deliberating over options, he had decided this would be a good guild to join. He strode up to the front gates, and entered the building, Auri growing after him, curling around his ankles. Looking around, he took in his surroundings.

"Hello. I'd like to join. Where do I sign up?" 

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13 hours ago, I think I am here. said:

A mini-Snope, which was like a Snope except half the size, slithered into the fortress. It was tame, fortunately, and it carried a note.

Diagramists, this note is to confirm you still are allianced with the GBs? We don’t like taking any chances.


47 minutes ago, Gancho Libre said:

Xena saw it out of the corner of her eye and subtly stepped on it, completely covering it with the sole of her big, left-footed shoes.


44 minutes ago, Furamirionind said:

Jules glared at Xena. Diplomacy was a careful art. She bent down to pick up the note.

Keleth noticed Jules pick up the note, and held out his hand for it.  He motioned for Milton, the scribe, to draft a reply.  The reply read: Yes, of course.  We didn't draft that treaty for nothing.  He motioned for the others to gather around, and handed a missive to each of them. It read: Hello, my faifthul followers, you are hear on the authority of my representative, Most Holy.  The position of this guild is as follows.  Xena, you are to serve as Most Holy's successor, being trained in the ways of diplomancy.  You rank above everyone in this room, other than the second, @#Voidapple, who doesn't seem to be present.  @MetaTerminal, who is also absent, is the speaker for the council.  Jules and Hasharan are of equal rank.  Hasharan controls the Militia, and Jules is in command of the Silent Gatherers.  Both of you are members of the council.  The guild is allied with the Ghostbloods, and are neutral in comparison to all other guilds, a fact which will soon change.  My faithful servant Most Holy, or his faithful servant, Keleth, will guid you.  

~Vargo Taravangian

A footman approached Keleth and whispered, "Sir, a man is at the door.  Says he wants to join."  Keleth nodded, and said, "Hurry, admit him."

@I think I am here. @Gancho Libre @Furamirionind @beantheboy12 @Sunbringer

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1 hour ago, Sunbringer said:

A guard walks up to Jacien.

"Right this way." He said gruffly.

Jacien smiled and followed the guard further into the fortress. They enter a larger room, and he looks around, seeing King Taravangian.


It's actually Keleth.  King Taravangian isn't actually a character.

Keleth noticed the man enter, and walked over to him.  "Welcome," he said in a warm voice, "The footman said that you would like to join?  Returned will be here shortly to accept your oaths.  Until then, take a seat right here."  He gestued towards a chair by the side of the room.


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Jacien nodded his head respectfully to the occupants of the room, and took a seat where he was indicated too, where he starts a quite conversation with his spren, which to those watching appeared as if he was talking to a space on the wall just behind him.

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20 hours ago, Gancho Libre said:

Xena's eyes widened. How did she wind up being second in command?

A new person entered, but Xena didn't notice. 

She was second in command?


No, you're third.  Second if Edalb is here.

Keleth turned towards the newcomer.  "Ahh, you're here, I..." He trailed off as Returned walked in through the door.  He surveyed the room, than turned towards Keleth.  "Hello, Keleth.  Great wedding.  It looks as if you already have the meeting under way.  Have you handed out the missive?"  At a nod from Keleth, Returned turned to Jules, "I will need you to put a watch out on Darkness.  I saw him at the wedding."  He walked across the room to the man sitting to the side.  "Keleth tells me you want to join.  You may do that here.  Just say this:  

I, (character name), swear upon my life that I will serve all superiors in the aims of the Diagramists.  I will, above all, serve The Most Brilliant, and defend him from all harm.  I will not harm, and will take extreme measures to defend, any and all of my superiors within this guild.  I will in all things obey any and all superiors, unless given the order to harm myself.  I will willingly put myself in peril to obey The Most Brilliant.  I will not willingly seek harm or death while in service of this guild.  I will not betray secrets of this guild upon pain of death.  Above all, superseding any previous clause, I will obey the diagram, and seek to serve it in all things.

This I swear,

(character name)

@Furamirionind @Sunbringer

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Jacien for a second just continues to sit there, then all of the sudden seems to become more lucid, and seems to be listening to something that only he can hear, as Auri catches him up on what happened while he was under. 

“My apologies, your brilliance. I get... distracted sometimes. I swear to serve the diagramists and my superiors, and defend the most brilliant.”

He messes it up in a way that from some might find offensive, but from him, it seems less so, as it appears he is truly being earnest.

On the inside, Jacien is horrified. He had tried to time this so he wouldn’t have an episode during his joining. They were just so hard to predict... they were extremely close together that time.


Just so everyone is aware, this is about what it will look like when Jacien’s weakness comes into play. For a second, he’ll be disoriented, then as Auri catches him up, he’ll do his best to continue on. In other situations, it will certainly cause trouble, especially if something extremely important happens during that time. Trances will occur as I see fit, and I’ll make sure it causes problems every once in a while.


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Yeah. I did that mostly to show an example of how his curse will work

Jacien bowed to Returned. “Absolutely, your grace.” 

In a lower voice to avoid being overheard by too many, he says

”I would be willing to explain, just preferable not in such a public place.”

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