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I got started in the cosmere because my friend was really into mistborn and he kept telling about how good it was. One day he brought the whole series and let me read first three, because we had nothing to do for like 10 hours, so i might as well. I read M:FE and WoA. In that time, and that started me reading all of sanderson's book i could get. I then noticed a big, thick book in my local library, called Way of Kings. After that i read Words of Radience. I was hooked i found steelheart and firefight. Then i had to go to a different library because that was all they had. At the different one I got Warbreaker, elentris and era two and knocked them out fast. I preordered Oathbringer when it came out and because why not, the rest of stormlight. Recenently using my birthday money i went on a shopping spee and bought rekoners,(calamity was bad), warbreaker elentris, era one, and skyward. I am now a bigger fan than my friend is. So, tell your friends about the epicness of the cosmere and some them might become worldhoppers themselves.

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