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Black Ajah - lyrics to a comedy about Darkfriend Aes Sedai throughout the Third age


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This is the lyrics to the 1980s comedy series staring Rowahn at'Kinsin as successive generations of inept Darkfriend channelers, trying to subvert the White Tower, or at least become Amyrlin.

Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56kfYoyTTqU


The lyrics to the final season:


"Seven Ajahs all to serve the Light,

And one serving Shadow in secret like some cleaners.

They use their cunning and their might,

Though eventually to be bossed 'round by their seniors.


Black Ajah, Black Ajah - thirteen Chosen made the chop.

Black Ajah, Black Ajah - they're sure that number won't drop.


Time turns like 'Wheel along a lane,

When the Light used them to mop the floor.

They'll use the same strategies again,

'cause that worked out oh so well before.


Black Ajah, Black Ajah - this time it will go as planned!

Black Ajah, Black Ajah - wait, is this boy named Rand?"

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