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The storyline behind epics.


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So I came up with an theory about Nightwielder, but basically I thought we'd do something that I'm not sure if it's been done before; making up background information about epics we have little knowledge on.

Who is the epic?

Why do they have their powers?

Why do they have their weaknesses?


Nightwielder is an otaku. He's a Japanese guy who, until he became an epic, still lived with his parents even though he was an adult. He didn't have a life, he didn't have many friends, he was employed, but only so he could earn money to buy video games, anime, and manga. He rarely ventured outside, preferring to watch anime all day. The anime obsession is why he can wield darkness and turn incorperal. His weakness to sunlight is because he loves watching anime all day, and doesn't like doing anything that involves going outside or being productive.

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An isekai anime but it's about Nightwielder dropped in the Cosmere. Every episode starts with him refusing to go outside and having to be compelled by circumstances to participate in the plot. Female characters are infatuated him for literally no reason, but he never notices because he's too busy cowering away from the sun.

Someone start a kickstarter, we can make this happen.

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Classic Chicago hoodlum. He wanted respect as a teenager. Before becoming an epic, he moved out of home early, and got into a fair number of fights. His yearning to win street fights is why he has increased dexterity, and can detect and avoid things that are going to kill him in a few seconds.

His weakness is actually sex, because as a teenager, he got a girl pregnant. 

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