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So pretty simple game, each of the kids in the Family Circus is given a Rosharan Shardic (or near shardic) analog (shown in the diagram below). Then a user posts a caption-less Family Circus cartoon, and the next person has to give the preceding cartoon a caption and then post another caption-less family circus cartoon.

Here is the diagram, showing the Family Circus analogs, and to start things out right, it is in need of a caption:


* Edited

Dramatis Personae update.

Dad: Adonalsium

Mom: Autonomy


I'll update the OP as new cosmere characters are assigned to recurring family circle characters.

Edited by hoiditthroughthegrapevine
updated character assignments.
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20 minutes ago, Nathrangking said:

Who caused the shattering? 

Hahahahaaha! So good!


"Here's a picture of Edgli and her team of lifeless flying Reindeer. I think she said something about having to Return a lot things because of some sort of Endowment Clause."

Ok, this one should be fun, here's Cultivation telling off Hoid, what's the caption??:


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6 hours ago, Braizier said:

Cultivation: So let me get this straight? You want your boon to be clever curse words and your curse to be the face of a baboon? 

Hoid: Yes. 

Cultivation: Get off of my planet. 



And now he's gone! You're next and nothing will stop me! The entire Cosmere will soon be within my reach!



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Two captions for this one.
Caption 1: Oh, teeheehee, how silly of us.  We thought you said to meet up for "The Scattering".

Caption 2: Cultivation: Who would have thought that the ultimate power responsible for the creation of all life as we know it was really just a loaf of bread. Rayse and I have picked out our piece of vitamin enriched cosmic power, which one are you going to take Cephandrius?

Hoid: I'm not hungry now, I'll probably just get some crumbs later....


And now for something completely different:



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On 1/2/2019 at 6:37 PM, hoiditthroughthegrapevine said:

(Cultivation off screen, talking to Odium): Autonomy's avatars just keep getting weirder and weirder...


Ok, here's one with Hoid, a Mink and Cultivation, whadda ya got?:


Hoid leave creature whose love I have cultivated alone!!

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