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I was just exploring account settings to change my name for Peter's birthday :D when I noticed that there are two different themes (17th shard arcanum and 17th shard 2018 Default). But as I switched between them, I couldn't notice a difference between the two. Is there something wrong on my end? Will there be more themes in the future?

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I forgot to remove this test skin. Apologies for the confusion. (It was indeed an exact copy, which for some reason fixed an issue. It was dumb.)

IPS, our software, has a very sophisticated theming system and it is totally possible for there to be multiple themes. However, multiple themes means more testing for software updates, not to mention art assets. Design is labor intensive and you should not expect additional themes in the remotely near future. It is a thing we can do but not a priority. Priority for me are software updates as well as getting a good Coppermind redesign.

I'd always prefer a consistent, well-crafted experience as opposed to multiple less good ones.

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