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Voidbringers Cannot Hold Stormlight Perfectly

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That's the theory. They don't hold stormlight perfectly - they simply hold it so much better than one like Szeth that it seems, to one like Szeth, as if it were perfect.

The logic for this I will use is an analogy to a circle.

Here's how it works: If one person tries to draw a circle, but no matter how hard they try, the two ends don't connect perfectly, and the circle is "imperfect".

So, then, if that person sees another person draw a circle, and the two ends are incredibly close to reaching the same point, and the circle is only barely elliptical, they'd still consider the circle to be "perfect", at least in comparison with theirs.

Similarly, then, if one person tries to hold in stormlight, but it leaks away quickly, then they see another that holds the stormlight that is barely leaving, or leaving at, I dunno, a tenth of the speed, they may say that person holds the stormlight "perfectly".

I don't really follow WoBs, so if he's said anything about this, sorry! I also searched for this idea and saw nothing (no threads on it, anyway). Thoughts? Comments? Corrections? Total disprove-ations?

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I like the thought, but I'm still inclined to think that they can hold it perfectly.  


We haven't seen Voidbinding yet, though we've seen what we believe is a Voidbringer form in Stormform.  Just the fact that they were able to summon a highstorm (or everstorm) and the fact that it's called Stormform makes me believe that stormlight could be perfectly held.

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