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What realy Bondsmith' do?


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I think as far as the series goes, you would get RAFO'd on that question.

Nothing concrete has been shown yet, since Dalinar has only just become one and his talents at leading/uniting may or may not carry over to his new role on a 1-to-1 exchange. Some speculation I read in these forums is that Bondsmiths held the key to ending a Desolation, possibly by binding away the Unmade or something similar, but anything regarding the Bondsmiths, apart from anything you can find in the compiled WoB, is just speculation.

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RAFO= Read And Find Out

Brandons response to things which might be too spoilery. The implication is that, eventually, we'll get answers to them in the books; we just have to read on.


WoB= Word of Brandon.

Brandon's comments on aspects of the cosmere, characters, books, etcetera. Basically, any information he gives in interviews, questions, book signings etc which isn't RAFO.

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Welcome to the forums!


RAFO: Read And Find Out. When people ask Brandon Sanderson questions that he doesn't want to answer because they'll be answered one way or another in later books, he tells them this.


WoB: Word of Brandon. He does answer some questions, however, and so people keep a record of what he has answered and use it as a basis for a lot of speculation and theories, as it sometimes gives additional information to what has been found in the books so far. So when someone asserts something is true because WoB, they're saying that it's something Brandon has actually said. Be a little skeptical if they don't give you an exact quote, sometimes people misremember, or conflate things he has said and it can be misleading.


Most of the discussion on the Bondsmiths is happening in the Words of Radiance subforum, because there are spoilers for Words of Radiance in there. Here are some of the threads, if you're interested in checking them out, though like Jaaxster said, we don't really know much about the Bondsmiths.





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I'm going to lock this thread, as there are already a number of threads for discussing the Bondsmiths.  Also just so you know, any threads discussing information from Words of Radiance should go in the WoR spoiler forum, we would like to keep the main forum has spoiler-free (or rather spoiler-safe) for the 6-9 months after a book is released.

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