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ALTERED PERCEPTIONS mental health charity anthology with Brandon and more!

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Short Summary

With this campaign, we plan to collect funds to help out Robison Wells, a fellow author who has fallen on very hard times due to mental illness.

Robison has four severe mental illnesses: panic disorder, agoraphobia, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder

This has led to Robison losing his job, and making it very hard to finding new work. (Fortunately, book writing is a great fall-back position for him, but even that suffers. The first draft of FEEDBACK took six months to write 20,000 words, because he was laid so low.)

One of Rob's panic triggers is finances, and being under such a large weight of enormous bills--student loans, back taxes, car payments, family and personal debts--is debilitating. Even something as simple as a $30 utility payment will send Robison into a panic attack.

We're also hoping that we can reach our goal and then overshoot it, to have money to set up a foundation for authors who suffer from mental illness. We know that many authors--even authors contributing to this anthology--are struggling with mental illnesses.

We have nearly thirty phenomenal authors on board who are donating their writing--Ally Condie, Lauren Oliver, Sara Zarr, Brandon Mull and others. (Scroll down to see a full list.)

Who are we? This campaign was the brainchild of Brandon Sanderson. Dan Wells (Robison's brother) jumped in to help out. And Rob has been fiddling around where needed.

What We Need & What You Get

We realize our goal is EXTREMELY optimistic, but we only get one chance at this, so we wanted to go all the way. For more about the size of the goal read below.

We have some great perks, including dinner with several of the authors (if you live nearby), critiques of your writing (if you're aspiring writers) and autographed books. And for those who like violence, Larry Correia will be shooting things you hate on camera--he has something special planned for turning the DSM into confetti.

If we don't reach our entire goal, the funds will still go to Robison to help him as best we can.

Here's what you get:

A high-quality hardback book featuring writing from the following authors:

Ally Condie, the foreword

Dan Wells, the introduction

Annette Lyon, An unpublished chapter from her retelling of the Finnish fairy tale, the Kalevala

Aprilynne Pike, Three short stories from the Wings universe.

Brandon Mull, Deleted scenes from Beyonders 2

Brandon Sanderson, five completely rewritten chapters from The Way of Kings, where Kaladin makes the opposite choice of what he makes in the published novel.

Bree Despain, an alternate ending to The Lost Saint, and an alternate beginning to the Shadow Prince.

Brodi Ashton, the first chapter from her YA novel about an unwilling alien fighter who has to rescue the boy she loves

Claudia Gray, a deleted scene from A Thousand Pieces of You.

Dan Wells, the original John Cleaver free write

Erin Bowman, a deleted scene from Taken

Howard Tayler, a creative non-fiction story about life with mental illness

J Scott Savage, three original chapters that led to writing Farworld

Jaqueline Novak, a scene from her humor non-fiction How To Weep in Public

Jennifer Moore, a deleted scene from Becoming Lady Lockwood

Jessica Day George, a deleted scene from Princess of Glass, where the main character plays poker with a witch

Josi Kilpack, the original opening scene to Tres Leches Cupcake.

Kiersten White, an original short story, set in a dystopian, sci-fi world.

Larry Correia, deleted fight scene from the Sword of Exodus

Lauren Oliver, two deleted scenes from Pandemonium, plus a hilarious scene about the plotting process

Luisa Perkins, a short story, "Seeing Red"--a modern-day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Mary Robinette Kowal, deleted scene from Valor and Vanity (scene was cut because readers thought the scene was trying to depict depression)

Nancy Allen, bonus scene from Beauty and the Clockwork Beast

Robison Wells, an epilogue to Feedback and the Variant duology

Sandra Tayler, creative non-fiction, "Married To Depression"

Sara Zarr, Chapter including characters from one of Sara's previously published works

Sarah Eden, "Farewells" for Longing For Hope and Hope Springs

Seanan McGuire, The original opening for Discount Armageddon

Shannon Hale, Ravenous, a previously unpublished scifi short story

SJ Kincaid, the original first chapter of Vortex, before it was entirely rewritte

it is for a GOOD CAUSE! It has WAY OF KINGS too and all WRITING EXCUSES writers! I donated already!
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Thanks for the post! I just found out about this and was going to start my own topic.

I wish I could donate more, but I am definitely going to get the hardcover version of this. Oh how I would love to buy the dinner with BranSan and his wife. That would be crazy amazing.
Already been spreading news of this to my friends. 

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We all know someone, though we don't like to discuss it.

Rob Wells is one of these people. He's been diagnosed with a bestiary of mental illnesses, and it's affected every aspect of his life.

We can help.

In the coming months, the Altered Perceptions anthology will be coming out with a variety of different works, including a snapshot of the original tale of our favorite bridgeman had he taken the Shards.

This initiative, headed by Brandon Sanderson and Rob and Dan Wells, aims to pull Rob out of his crippling medical debt and set him on his feet going forward, as well as set up an organization to help mentally ill writers. For just a few dollars, you can help a man in need.

I challenge you, 17th Shard, to alter your perception of altered perceptions and mental illness. I challenge you to help a writer in need.

A little money goes a long way. 30 days left as of writing this post, and still nearly $80 000.

Let's make our community more than just a fandom. Let's do something good.

As Kaladin says:

"I will protect those who cannot protect themselves."

Maybe we can't be Radiants...

But we can be heroes.

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I admit, when I took a look at Altered Perceptions' Amazon page, I cringed. 10 dollars, I thought. All for a bunch of deleted scenes from novels I haven't read. Sure, it has some Kaladin chapters, but can I really spend my limited bank account on this?


But I've thought about it more and I really want to do this. As a Christian, I feel that the most important thing a person can do is help those in need. As a human being, I feel compassion towards a man in a serious predicament. As a Sharder, I am touched by the amount of support that's being rallied for this man.


Sure, it's ten dollars. But you know what? I've probably spent more than ten dollars this week just on soda and snack food. The idea of closing this tab and forgetting about this tweaks my conscience to an unacceptable degree. I feel like I should buy it.


I can't get it yet, but I will have some excess I can spend on May 1st. At that point I will buy the book. I hope I and others can make a difference. And Rob Wells... I don't know what your religious beliefs are, but you'll be in my prayers.

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And, to those who just want to do a little good thing and don't care much for the eBook, you can donate less through the IndieGoGo. Every dollar helps.

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Merged the threads, so I edited out your worry. *peace*
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I am getting the hardcover - my relationship with charities is somewhat shady (I think they are awesome, but I won't participate unless there is something in for myself), but this is good enough. 

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