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Stormlight Fanart and Comics!


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I drew some stuff, and it's been on my tumblr for a while, but I thought people here might enjoy it too! So without further ado...


King's Wit and Sadeas for the amazing Where's My Chull? project:



An (almost? kind of?) animated gif of Szeth from a scene near the end of Words of Radiance:




A ton of spren:





A weird comic I made about Sadeas' ears (taken from a scene near the end of Way of Kings):





Another comic I made about Dalinar's plan to set the Highprince's straight (and based on a scene early on in Words of Radiance):






A bit of a wide mix, but I hope you enjoyed it!

(Why did I draw Sadeas so much, I don't even like the guy.)

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Last comment is something I kind of wanted Dalinar to do to Sadeas all during WoR. Really badly.


EDIT: Also, I really like your Wit. That's how I imagined him.

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