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Small Graphics Update


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This is just a quick update to let y'all know what's going on. As you know, we're always trying to improve here at 17th Shard, and one of the ways we do that is by skinning the forum - so not only does it look pretty and shiny, it's constantly looking shinier! Today's update is about the friendly big blue box you now see floating inside the bigger, darker blue box that was already there.

This friendly blue box fixes a number of issues: it contains some elements that were previously just floating around and looking out of place, and it also fixes some wonky-looking background (or lack-of-background) issues that once existed. For example, now you should be able to read all of your gallery comments, not just half of them.

Of course, now that most of the site is on a light background again, some elements will be affected by the shift. I've caught what I think will be the biggest areas - topic share, topic jump, and pagination - and updated them already, but I may have missed something. If you spot anything that needs to be updated, just let me know in this thread. Thanks!

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I updated a few more color elements. Hovers should now no longer be green (or pink, crazy blogs), and I've changed a few things on the blogs section. You might also notice that the user popup box is now blue, as is the search button. Don't forget to recache to view the changes!

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