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nalesean's Jordancon Signing Report 2014

Trae Cooper

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Greetings --


I attended Jordancon and was able to ask Brandon a few questions that didn't get the RAFO.


I kept the questions very small and granular to try to get some information, since he seems to be giving fewer and fewer answers.


Jordancon Signing (Paraphrased) April 11th, 2014


Q: Suppose you had a feruchemist that was also skilled in forgery. If they soul stamped themselves, would they normally be able to still use feruchemy, and if they were able to use feruchemy after a soul stamp would they be able to access their own metalminds.


A: (Paraphrased): Brandon said that you could do so, but it would require jury rigging in order to make it work. Since the soul stamp overwrites the current spiritual aspect of a person. He then said that the accessing the metalminds would also require some amount of jury rigging. 



Q: With a yes or no answer, would the following analogy be correct? If Syl is to Stormfather, as Wyndle is to Nightwatcher, then is Pattern to Cusicesh?

A(slightly paraphrased): No, not exactly




Q: If a feruchemist using an aluminum metalmind stored their identity to zero, then filled a coppermind with all of their knowledge, would another feruchemist with an identity set to zero be able to access the first feruchemist's coppermind?


A (paraphrased): I'm not going to tell you a definite yes or no, this is something that needs to be saved for future books, but you are thinking along the correct lines about how identity works regarding feruchemists.




I know this isn't roshar-shattering news, but I figured granular information is better than RAFOs





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I'm pretty sure there's been speculation like that before regarding identity. That being that a Feruchemist with zero identity can make an impersonal metalmind.

Did you happen to ask him any questions that he did RAFO? Knowing which questions he prefers not to answer is sometimes actually quite useful.

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He said that anything related to bondsmiths are pretty much going to get RAFO'd since Dalinar's book is book 5 and he wants to save it for then. I didn't specifically get a rafo but over a game of Magic:The Gathering, we chatted a bit about the amount of information he had answered over tour, and beyond Bondsmiths, I think he is going to slow down information given about Stormlight in general.



So ... superspren, bondsmith bonds, and all that.


With regard to identity, I knew there had been speculation, but I hadn't been able to locate a WoB referencing it, plus I was curious about forgery vis a vis feruchemy. 




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