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Braize and the Unmade


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If planets are Connected(?) to numbers as with 10/Roshar or 16/Scadrial, and if Braize is 9-centric (per some WoB), then do the Unmade pertain to Braize?

So, there are starspren, or spren referred to as starspren, or whatever. Why not planetspren?* Indeed, let's suppose that the Stormfather and the Nightwatcher are (two of the) planetspren of Roshar the planet (depending on one's perspective, the planet might be identified more with its organic (Nightwatcher-esque) or inorganic (Stormfather-ish) content, or who knows). (Cusicesh might be the spren of the fourfold ocean surrounding Roshar the continent, or something like that.) Now, let's suppose Odium had a champion on Braize who bonded with the planetspren of Damnation, and who then broke the oath by which he/she bonded with the Damnationspren. This spren would have been made and unmade, so to say, in the process. The Unmade would then be the nine fragments of the soul of Damnation (what a phrase!) itself.

Another idea I've had along these lines is that there's a complex relationship between gravity/antigravity-spren on Roshar, and the 10 gas giants. Let's suppose each gas giant has a planetspren, and then that Odium did something to 9 of them (or was only able to affect 9 of the gas-giant planetspren) on account of routing the required magic through the planetspren of Braize. (My idea is that the gravitational equilibrium of the entire Rosharan system is involved in the activity of the gravity-related Roshar-the-planet spren, so that gravity/antigravity-spren on Braize, by contrast, would be 9-centric in their corresponding activities.)

*Or Cosmere-spren, for that matter (I'm looking at You, Adonalsium).

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This is an interesting idea... and I think as aspect of this may be true.  However, I can't think it was a coincidence that Leras considered 16 to be the "perfect" number and Adonalsium shattered into 16 shards.  That may be a little thing to find as we go into Dragonsteel... in 15 years or so...
If anything, I think 16 may be Yolen's number where Scadrial may be 8 (8 basic metals)

The shardblades we see are also dead spren, so I think it is unlikely that the unmade are splinters of a dead spen.  However, I do like the idea that they originate from Braize.

According the the Stormfather, there is: the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher, & the Sibling.  This would make me think that there are only 3. Not 10.  Since each is asociated with a shard as well: Cultivation, Honor, & Mystery (my guess is a combination of Honor and Cultivation).


Though I believe that spren are splinters of shards (?), shards are splinters of Adonalsium... There could be more levels in between...

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The concept of planet-spren might be a bit ambitious (especially Cosmere-spren) since it seems to me most likely that the Stormfather, Nightwatcher and Sibling are just very large Splinters of Honor, Cultivation and Odium respectively, in the same way that many if not all spren are simply just smaller splinters (enough not to capitalise): they're definitely Invested Cognitive aspects, which is as good as any definition for a splinter of a Shard. However I doubt that the "spren" concept extend much beyond Roshar or its system, though it might to Braize. The concept of spren seems to be unique either to Roshtar or to Honor/Cultivation's original design (which Odium may imitate, or be similarly constrained by Roshar), as in other planetary systems like the Elantris system, Invested Cognitive aspects do not look exactly like what spren are (more like Seons).

I think it unlikely that the gravity of the system is decided fundamentally by the Gravitation Surge or its Anti-Surge, since other planetary systems also experience gravity and have no magical way to change it. From my understanding of the Gravitation Surge, it actually affects the relationship the user has with the planet or point in question, more "Connection" becomes more gravity, or vice versa. So the planets need not be complicatedly tied together through planet-spren Surges.

I think the main point of interest is what you point out in regards to the connection between certain numbers and certain symmetries in the Cosmere. At this point it seems we don't have enough pieces to say conclusively what the numbers mean. And interesting point I've seen made elsewhere is that the Nine Unmade plus Odium's Champion might make the Ten, but it might equally be that Odium made nine simply because it is an unholy number in the Rosharan system. To me, 16 and 10 are the two most important numbers, 16 being slightly moreso due to the Scadrial and Adonalsium splitting references, whereas so far only Roshar has a definite 10 as a symmetry (Nalthis has Ten Heightenings but there might be more people didn't reach...).

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