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Increasing and decreasing temperature.

Grounding things that normally have the ability to fly.

Giving headaches to other people

Causing a target to slow down 

Stopping locked doors from being unlocked by other people 

Causing all rain / snow to fall instantly instead of gradually.

Render someone unable to speak 

Give sentience to machines and electronics 

Gives the wearer an insanely loud voice

Allows the wearer to control people, but only while they have physical contact 

Allows the wearer to levitate half a metre from the ground, and zoom around at the speed of a bicycle.


Some dark glasses ideas 

the wearer becomes forced to speak the truth 

The wearer becomes blind 

The wearer has the inexplicable urge to use the toilet 

The wearer forgets everything from the time they put on the glasses, to the time they take them off 

Disguising glass, that looks like another type of glass for fifteen minutes after touching other glass

When the glasses are worn, it looks for the first person it sees doing something. Until the glasses are removed, the wearer is forced to do that thing. 

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