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Such as... dividing by zero?


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11 hours ago, Shallan+Adolin said:


I’m super excited to delve into this! I just finished Oathbringer and I absolutely LOVED it! I’m so sad my school librarian won’t get it. She says it’s too adult :(


That is actually depressing. (The librarian part.) Welcome to the shard and enjoy your stay!

What Brandon Sanderson books have you read?

Which one is your favorite?

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?

6 hours ago, MetaTerminal said:

One of my favorite lines in the whole book

Indeed. I quote it all the time. (My friends think I'm crazy but oh well :P)


26 minutes ago, I'm pretty said:

Join the alleyverse or die.

That's a little extreme. You are probably more likely to die if you join the Alleyverse. (Although @Shallan+Adolin it is really fun and my favorite part of the forum so you should still join. :D)

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I’ve read/listened to everything by Sanderson except Wheel of Time, and White Sand. 

I would definitely be a lightweaver rather than a windrunner. Lightweaving would make it really easy to avoid people.

I’m 100% a chocolate person, especially dark chocolate! And my favorite Sanderson series is the Stormlight Archive, though that might be because I just finished it.

Can anybody tell me how to put the comment you’re responding to in your comment?

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