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Hi and Hoid (some spoilers about cosmere stuff and WOR)


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Hi.  First time posting here or anywhere, but I really do enjoy the connecting backstory between all of the cosmere works.  I was just wondering if anyone has talked about Hoid's motivations.  I personally think that Hoid is doing everything he can to get the shard worlds into direct conflict with Rayse, while crippling Rayse's ability to effectively war. 


The WoK letter made me think that Hoid had a personal grievance against Rayse.  So far it seems like every world he has visited he has aided the magic wielders (and by extension their shards) whose intent opposes that of Odium.  On Sel he helps Raodin's lady friend smuggle in weapons which eventually led to the re-establishment of Elantris, but there is no mention of him helping magic wielders of dominion (as far as I remember).  


On Scradiel, his actions lead to the defeat of Ruin, and the creation of Harmony, not only depriving Odium of a powerful ally (despite the fact that he doesn't want allies), but it also deprived him of a shard that he could pick up that would not drastically alter his intent.  "Hatred leads to anger, anger leads to destruction (<---substitution) and so on."  Now Rayse can't pick up Ruin, without getting preservation (without shattering Harmony, which I don't think he is strong enough to do directly (I have an IDEA what might start this ball rolling!))


On Roshar, Hoid is clearly picking sides against Rayse.  He has stated that he is fighting against the father of hatred in WoR, but he would watch the world burn if he needed to.  I believe (with little evidence), that Hoid is sick of the Cold War-esque events on Roshar for the past 5,000 years.  I think that Hoid sped up the return of the KR in order to bring about the Everstorm.  This desolation is the Final Desolation because it's the never ending desolation.  Either Odium is defeated, or Odium wins, destroys Roshar and moves on to another shard system, creating a threat large enough to force the other shards (and the seventeenth shard) into overt action.  Either way, Hoid get what he wants, which is war against Rayse.

Sorry for the long post =/


PS Odium Reigns

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Welcome to the forum, and I love the user name. Makes me think of a range of cullinary cosmere delights.


As for the theory... well, I'd suggest posting that in the Cosmere theories section, to get more of a response to it. My only response to it, right now, is that I think that any Shard would dramatically alter another's intent. 

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