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Aether and Kandra thoughts

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I think it probably could. Whether or not the kandra-like functionality would remain would probably be in question. It might be that whatever form or shape the arm is in when you get it, it stays that way permanently. There's no way to know if you could manipulate the arm like a kandra can. If you could though, that would be insane. You could have whatever shape, or species you want

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It's a good question, and one that begs others. Could you replace your human arm with someone else's human arm? If you can't replace your parts with other human parts, then there would have to be a line defining what counts as human for the purposes of the magic, and what counts as nonhuman, and kandra could very well fall into either category. But on the other end, can you replace your arm with a venus flytrap, or some other active plant?

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Is the Bestarin ability limited to limb reattachment? Or is it more versatile than that, allowing for skin grafts to heal wounds? And is there a limitation on Bestarin where you can only attach limbs where they are missing? or would you be able to attach ginormous wings to your back, or extra arms as long as there was a wound or cut that they were filling? And say hypothetically, a Bestarin bonded person has their arm chopped off at the shoulder, but doesn't have access to anything to replace it with, and is forced to heal normally. If left alone long enough without a replacement, and the loss of limb becoming a part how he identifies himself, would he still be able to graft another limb on? Or would it be like Feruchemical gold, where you wouldn't be able to? I have so many questions about Bestarin, and pretty much all the powers. 

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Skin grafts are definitely possible, it's mentioned several times that the most common use of Bestarin is to rapidly heal wounds by grafting a bit of animal skin onto the affected area and Taenen at one point takes a chest wound that Raeth thinks would have incapacitated a normal man for months and he was perfectly fine within an hour due to a graft.

My guess is that you can't graft anything 'new' so you can't add wings or extra arms to a perfectly healthy individual, and even if you had a wound in a convenient location I'm not sure that your spiriweb could necessarily process a full arm attached to a minor shoulder wound or anything that's not reasonably close to whatever was there before. Of course, wings have a special problem which is that humans are not at all suited for flight and there simply aren't any wings on an existing Earth species that could lift a full-grown human.

We can only guess at the Realmatics of Aethers, though there's an intriguing WoP that there's a reason that Brandon went to so much effort to keep the system in the Cosmere even once he trunked the original novel (ie, first trying to introduce them into The Liar of Partinel) so there's gotta be something interesting happening 'behind the scenes' with the magic. The way Ferrous works in particular seems like it would be really interesting so I hope that system remains in the rewrite, like we can assume Amberite will given that we've seen one of those Aethers already. As Bestarin healing Realmatics goes, my guess is that it functions on the standard Cosmere model so if the user took a wound that they couldn't magically heal and came to Cognitively accept that wound as part of them, they couldn't graft a replacement so long as they continued to perceive the wound that way. But given how Bestarin bonds are used to healing, I suspect they would rarely if ever get into that situation and they could graft a replacement limb, say, by just reopening the wound and giving the animal replacement somewhere to attach.

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