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Hi all, newbie here!

I've just finished Oathbreaker and have read no other Cosmere books yet, so my knowledge at present is limited to Roshar and a very basic understanding of the other world in the Cosmere. Got me some questions if you'll indulge my novice-ness. :)


Now that we know that the humans ARE the voidbringers, do we know which world they came from? I assume one of the other shardworlds?

Also, as I look to expand my Cosmere knowledge, is there a book with which you recommend I start?

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Welcome to the Shard!

And yeah, Warbreaker is a good starting point if you want a shorter standalone read, the original Mistborn trilogy if you want to jump right into the deep end. Or if you want a good primer on how the three Realms work and a shorter and more 'personal' story you can also try The Emperor's Soul.

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