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(OB) Vasher and Vivenna - Radiant

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I don't think so for a few reasons. The first and main is that Vasher and Vivenna have their own powers, and I don't think we'll see Brandon mixing the powers just yet. I was going to say their magics may interfere with each other, but Nale also bonded a spren and he's already invested, so that probably doesn't matter. Another reason is the Nightwatcher was noted as not liking foreigners, so it may be that all spren prefer natives, although it is suggested that Hoid is trying to bond a spren so that might be a soft rule.

As for what orders they would be, that's kinda tough. Vasher is a scholar, very grumpy, dislikes people, and dislikes large numbers of people dying. He's been seen killing to advance his goal, but the goal was to stop a war and a whole bunch more death. So his desire to protect would fit with the windrunners, although he doesn't really have the leader quality. His scholarly nature would fit in with the Elsecallers and Lightweavers, although his grumpy nature seems more in line with the Elsecallers. 

Vivenna, I'm even less sure. Her arc occurred quite awhile ago, so who knows how she has changed in the mean time. But originally she was about breaking out of her strict world view, and ended the book going on an adventure. So I'm gonna call her a Willshaper.

Neither seems destructuve, so no Releaser. Neither is concerned with rules, so no Skybreaker. And neither strikes me as a stoneward. While both are from Nalthis, neither seem artistically driven enough to be Lightweavers. Neither seems reserved enough to be part of the Truthwatchers.

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