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[OB] Odium has two magic systems


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Ok here’s my theory: odium has two magic systems one is voidbinding, it involves bonding his spren and was made post his arrival with humans on Roshar. This one was made to model the investiture and magic system used on Roshar by honor and cultivation. The other was what humans had on their original home planet and prob. Is as diff from anything we’ve seen as the magic in Roshar differs from that on Scadrial. This is the stuff the dawnshards r made of.


My main textual support from this is based on what I noticed in ars arcanum in which the radiant surges are graphed and then underneath it says some thing about her not being certain how voidbinding or its cousin old magic fit into this paradigm or indeed at all.(sorry don’t remember it’s exact wording. I first thought this refers to magic pre shattering from adonasolum but realized then why doesn’t she know it? Also in what way is it the cousin to the arts of voidbinding? I currently understand it to refer to magic before Roshar which is odiums and thus a cousin to voidbinding.

what I like about this is that I think it fits nicely that once on Roshar odium changed his magic a bit to steak from what honor and cultivation had going. I also like that it makes the human designation of parshendi as voidbringers accurate. Yes the humans were the invaders yes they brought odium but no, only the parshendi voidbind. That’s because odium never succeeded in having humans take in voidspren until oathbringer (that’s what it says in the book. I always understood this to be because they were to diff. From humans to bond but parshendi could receive them in their gemhearts and be controlled only a human racket bond which is in the cracks of their soul needs to “fit”)

ehat do u guys think

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The old magic is a magic of Roshar and is associated with the Nightwatcher (per some Navani comments).

Voidbringer was first used by one of the Dawnsingers to refer to the humans, the humans now use it to refer to the Singers. I think any attempt to make the current usage the correct one is from an inherent pro-human bias. (In other words, I sympathize, but don’t agree.)

I suspect any magic system linked to Odium is going to vary based on the planet, since the magic system grows out of the combination of investiture, vessel, and planetary focus. If Odium hung out on  Sel long enough while shattering those shards to start having a magic system it would probably have been form based in some sense. If he had made it to Scadrial it would involve metal catalysts. 

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