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Hey everybody! My name is Jack. I actually used to lurk here under a different name, but that was years ago and I can’t remember my login info. I’ve read all of Sanderson’s epic fantasy novels, plus the Reckoners books and a healthy chunk of his shorter fiction. I plan on having read everything he’s written by the end of the year. (Just got some shorts and Alcatraz to go.) Like many, I heard about Sanderson because of the Wheel of Time. I’m a hobby writer wishing I had a fun writing group. I look forward to reading what everyone has to say here! Already, just lurking around the last hour or so, it looks like I’m in good company here. :)

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Welcome @wineontheveldt to Brandon's own private perpendicularity. we look forward to having your knowledge added to our vast shard pool. Enjoy everything that the shard has to offer save cookies if they are offered as they may in fact be spiked. Welcome again and have an upvote.

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1 minute ago, wineontheveldt said:

I love them all, but Mistborn era 2 is my personal favorite!

Excellent choice, Mistborn has always been a favourite of mine too :D
Have you read Secret History?

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