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2018-07-21 Iona Library - Idaho Falls, ID


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See, I don't like the Glys idea.  I mainly asked because it seemed to be the prevalent thought. 


Glys isn't someone Shallan had access to in that moment to really ask, they were mid crisis and she was going to have make a snap decision anyways.  Then also, according to Mythica, Sja-anat can only corrupt lesser spren and I swear there is a point in Shadesmar when Syl tells Kaladin that the radiants only bond high spren, so moreover Glys is a bit unlikely to me.  Then Sja-anat is called 'Taker of Secrets' and the Cryptics seems a natural fit to that.  They collect truths, but the truths that they accept have to be a deep secret.  And if the Cryptics are of Sja-anat, it would explain how she already knew Shallan by name, since maybe the secrets that the Cryptics collect Sja-anat has access to.  Then it's also the inverse of the access during the crisis, Pattern is nearly the only 'son' that Shallan could possibly have consulted in the heat of the moment.  I also am hung up on Sja-anat saying 'we were made and unmade'.  The just seems to me like maybe they were made of Honor or Cultivation, maybe as some kind of royalty over that certain sect of spren society.  And would explain why there were some honor spren made from the Stormfather but not all, because maybe the original spren royal was unmade.  Then maybe they were unmade as part of Odium's corruption.  It seems more likely to me because I was thinking originally there were 10 unmade to match the 10 orders of herald which would neatly match up to the 10 high spren sects.  In researching that part unraveled partially because there are only 9 unmade.  Though I've seen a WoB saying that the unmade do have a loose relationship with specific orders of knights radiant, so one step back one step forward at that aspect.  So what if the heralds had a nahel bond with a specific royal spren of their order...   well that suddenly makes a lot of sense and because the bondsmiths don't have but the Nightwatcher, Sibling, and Stormfather so that actually would dial back those theoretical spren royals that were unmade to 9.  It all seemed so neat!  Until Brandon said no....    c'est la vie.


The thing that makes me nervous seems at least somewhat obvious to me (though I haven't seen as much chatter about it as I expected) and you're right that Brandon said it in a public setting where I'm not the only one that heard it.  It wasn't in the Q&A though, it was during the signing after the fact, so there were maybe 20 or so in hearing range to hear his response to the question.  But like you said, if Brandon said it, it's fair game and overheard by others in public, so here's my second question:



I asked him So Odium says "Dalinar was not supposed to Ascend".  Does this mean that Dalinar reforged honor and held a shard?  Is he now considered a sliver?  

He said "RAFO.  <handed me the card> Let's just say Dalinar is definitely not Honor....   yet"



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I know Brandon does not really like The List but if possible I would really appreciate if someone could forward a question for me as I myself will probably never get to ask them.

My list of questions is as follows. Contains spoilers for Secret History.

  • Is Mraize's gnarled hand a result of a partial Dakhor monk transformation
  • Has Kelsier changed for the better following his experiences in Secrer History?
  • Were the feruchemical Atium spikes made by Ruin part of a long term plan to use his Inquisitors to destroy life across the Cosmere?
  • Are the scars on The Sovereign's arms caused by Perception?
  • Is Kelsier post-Secret History capable of leaving the Scadrial system?
  • Is Hesina known by the Kholin family?
  • Was the white sand in Mraize's basement reacting to investiture from neither Pattern or Shallan?
  • Would a radiant wearing shardplate be more efficient in holding Stormlight?
  • Outside of using Lerasium to become a Mistborn, how would you rank the relative effectiveness of using Lerasium as a metal mind, using Lerasium as a hemallurgic spike, allomantically burning Lerasium and allomantically burning a Lerasium alloy?


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So I was only able to ask a few questions.  I was a little pressed for time after waiting in line for a few hours.  I got them from @Argent.



Q. Does the metal used to make a fabrial matter?

A. A little bit.  Not as much as things do on Scadrial.  There is some influence there, but we’ll get into those rules eventually.


Q. Are half-shards made with radiant spren?

A. Good question.  I’m going to RAFO that.


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