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[OB]Silver Kingdoms and Essence Chart


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We have 10 essences, 10 heralds, 10 orders, 10 surgess, 10 focus points, 10 pairs of attributes and they all allign perfectly.

I wonder wheather this allingment works with 10 Silver Kingdoms.

We were always told that Alethi are the closest to Honor, and they are very war focused so they are probably of 1 - Jezeren - Windrunners.

In the Natanan there is Urithuru, so probably 10 -  Ishar - Bondsmith

Makabakam is probably 2 - Nale - Skybreaker because of their attention to rules

Thalach is probably Willshapers because It's now land of merchants

Rishir is probably Edgedancers because Reshi and Herdazians are verry free-spirited

Iri would be truthwarchers because they are delicate.







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I've considered this in the past, and see no evidence either way beyond a single point. 

Alethela was the kingdom dedicated to the arts of War. Taln seems to have been the Herald of war. Taln was "reborn" just outside of Kholinar, the city in Alethela with an Oathgate. 

It's super tenuous, but I'm not willing to write it off completely.

Have an upvote. 

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1 hour ago, Lightspine said:

Wait, no, isn't Urithiru up in the mountains in the middle of Roshar? Possibly very close to the Valley.

My mistake, for some reason i thought that Dawn's Shadow was Urithiru's other name.

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I was wondering about this.  Every area has a very difficult culture and different priorities- just like the Heralds and the Radiant Orders.  Could those have grown out of what Radiants settled in that area after Urithiru closed down?  

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Thought about this in the past and assumed that each kingdom was given an aspect of rule or civilization to focus on:  warfare, lawmaking, economics, etc.  Following this theory, some countries we haven't been as well introduced to should probably have a focus as well (agriculture? art? medicine? philosophy?)

Considering the Desolations set back humanity's population and tech by centuries, it makes sense to gather the best and brightest in their fields together to advance as rapidly as possible. Also nice to be to focus only on your area of specialty.


Possible connections to this idea:

1) The Vorin idea of having a Calling you dedicate your life to.   I'm partial to this idea as having originated from the lifestyle aspects of the Silver Kingdoms.

2) Curiously ties into to Dalinar's council of monarchs and the compromise of having each society control what it is best at. I'm partial to this one too.

3) These groups may have migrated out of their areas and are no longer associated with the country, but may still have ties to the original ideals.  Groups like the the Ardentia or the Stormwardens. (I'm not partial to this, just super suspicious about these groups)


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On 7/3/2018 at 7:07 PM, Zellyia said:

Thought about this in the past and assumed that each kingdom was given an aspect of rule or civilization to focus on:  warfare, lawmaking, economics, etc.

In one of Dalinar's visions in WOK, a Radiant talks about how Alethela (the Silver Kingdom precursor to Alethkar) was devoted to warfare, to free up the remaining Kingdoms to pursue other callings.  

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Please all, remember that each of the Silver Kingdomsand/or Dawncities has a patron Herald. The strengths of these heralds have been cultivated throughout the years to a skill set and penchant for greatness in that area. There should be a correlation between kingdoms/Dawncities, heralds and general superiority of skills. To me this was evident in several examples. 

Alethela- Taln- Warfare

Karbranth/Palanium- Pailiah- Learning and Knowledge


There are many examples throughout the books of these connections to almost all the oathgate cities/ Silver Kingdoms. Look for Theylena and trade and stonework, The Pure Lake (Sela Tales), Ral Elorim, Sesamalex Dar in Tukar, and a few other softer references to cultural skills and cities. Amia and Shinovar are the most mysterious, but Natanatan and exploration and Reshi and their lifestyles suggest certain heralds as well.


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